Thursday, 13 January 2011

I haven't des(s)erted you, I promise.

Dear peoples of the internet. (People who stumble across my blog whilst looking for car insurance and/or porn).
I know I've been neglecting the blog the last few weeks but I've had lots of coursework to do and other real life things keep getting in my way.
For your patience I grant you a badly and hastily drawn cookie, enjoy.

I promise I will do a big meaty post for you to sink your virtual teeth into soon, but for now you will have to be satisfied with this. Peace out, check back, your views make me happy.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Testing Turtle

I've decided to create a new post to announce that I've adapted my drawing style a little. I'm doing them larger, hopefully with more detail and a lot more emphasis on shading. I think they look a lot better like this.

Now you're wondering to your self why the hell is this called the 'Testing Turtle'. Well I came about my technique through experiments on this turtle picture.
Note: He's actually a tortoise, he started as a turtle swimming but I couldn't get the flippers right so I removed the water and he looked a little high, so I kinda went with a drugged reptile look.

Then I did a little technique testing, I'll post some of the ones that weren't complete horrific abortions.

I was playing around with circles to create the rather high looking background for this one.

Messing around with the colours. This one actually looks a little scary.

Ahh, now... I like this one. I removed the colour and put down the outline onto a blank page and then used the spray can to heavy handedly apply colour and then pasted another one back on top so that the outline was still clear. I like the effect it had, kind of like a spray-paint stencil.

This one I like as well, even though it looks like it's been drawn by a five year old with shakes. I positioned the original picture next to this as I sketched it roughly (very roughly) with the pencil tool on paint. I like the sketchy look, it looks like something out a concept art book, albeit a concept art book compiled by a toddler. If I had more time/patience, one of these could look quite good.

Sorry for the first post of 2011 being this, I am currently working on another post but I restarted all the drawings to do them in my new style, which I like. I hope you enjoyed laughing at my failures. That's what the Testing Turtle is for, seeing what you're good at and what you're not so good at... 

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Day, another pointless day where I accomplished nothing!

Merry Christmas, dearest reader, have you been good this year? No? You got presents anyway, yeah? Same. Oh, and if you got the reference in the post's name, then go get yourself a mince pie.

This is a post about the disastrous 'personality-filled' Christmas celebrations in the Louie household (That's right fuckers, it's my household)

Firstly, I had to sleep which is generally a bitch (See this post for more details). But I overcame this obstacle with an enormous dose of cough medicine, about enough to kill a fully grown bull elephant, to be exact. And then awoke at 6:03 am in a pile of wrapping paper, scared, dazed and incredibly confused.

I then proceeded to stare at my iPod timer until the agreed-upon (dictated) time of 7 am when I was allowed to wake up my Mum and then tear apart the living room in a present opening fury.

I unwrapped all my presents in about 30 seconds and the began to feast on the unholy amount of junk-food that 'Santa' had brought me. I was determined to consume more than my body weight in one morning, I completely forgot about the Christmas dinner. The following diagram is best enlarged. (Click to enlarge)

Then came the moment where my Mum placed our new experimentally nuclearly enhanced turkey on the table, it looked delicious... There was just one problem.*

But, being a resilient family who have eaten ASDA Smartprice food before, we managed to overcome the mutant bird and enjoy a relatively normal Christmas dinner.

Then we went to watch the queens speech because she is so important to the country and we really care about what she has to say... Had you going there didn't I? No. We played my Guitar Hero and I rocked out with the best concentration face you'll ever see.

Then my Mum knocked over the new Xbox, and this happened:

My Guitar Hero disk was finally spat from the frothing, flailing Xbox and now looked like a shot-gunned Oreo. I had the game for a grand total of 4 hours before it was nommed.

My sister had received a Tree Frog from Christmas (she did actually want this, we aren't just sadistic present givers) and some dickhead Elf had built the cage with a myriad of holes in which the Frog's dinner (Crickets, eurgh) were rapidly escaping into the living room.

There was much more Christmas cheer to follow, but you don't want to read about Christmas cheer, do you? You want to read about things going horribly wrong, blowing up and removing my limbs, don't you? Well, sorry to disappoint you but I still have all my limbs, I may have a semi-permanent buzz going from the near lethal dose of cough medicine, but my cold is gone. 

There was also one present, one marvellous present which stood out from the sea of other less marvellous presents, this present was utterly genius in every possible way. It was...  

A Jesus Action figure. Fully pose-able blasphemy with gliding action!

Jesus attempting the Robot.

Religion and Evolution, finally together.

The Third Side of the Story: The only website endorsed by Jesus.

So, I hope you Christmas was as... eventful as mine, I wish you all a happy new year, as I think this will be my last post of 2010! I hope you all keep your new year's resolutions for more than a day, but I doubt any of you will...

*may not have actually happened

Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve, that day that you want to just finish so that you can tuck into some presents, err, I mean family atmosphere, giving spirit and love *cough*.

I don't know about you but I always struggle to sleep Christmas Eve, and I can pretty much predict how tonight is going to go:

22:00 Christmas tomorrow! Presents tomorrow!

22:30 I should probably get to sleep now...

23:00 Any time now...

23:30 Any time now...


00:30 Still not working...

01:00feel something, maybe it’s sleep kicking in... No, I just farted.

01:30 This is all Santa’s fault, the big fat jolly scheming bastard.

02:00 I could totally knock myself out with that big plank of wood over there.

02:30 Worst. Idea. Ever.

03:00 Eurekah! Cough medicine makes you drowsy!

03:30 Uhhh... Suhuhbuhuple pah...

04:00 Coming down...

04:30 ...down...

05:00 ...and down some more...

05:30 Finally... Sleep...

06:00 CHRISTMAS!!!

06:01 Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. Presents. 

So my lovely readers, I hope you have a very merry Christmas Eve, and better luck than I do at sleeping!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Hi. Today is Christmas Eve Eve. Yes, I know that Christmas Eve is where it's at, but y'know, I come from a strange family so this is almost as big a deal.

My dogs are also getting into the Christmas spirit:

As is my sister:

And as for me...

I've been formatting my blog, which is almost as much fun as it sounds.

So, my lovely readers. I wish you a merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Not the best of starts...

*Looks at the followers bar*
Ooooh, no followers? I better get used to this. I suppose this is going to be a glorified way of talking to myself...
Well anyway, if you by some kind of coincidence stumble upon this blog and like it, please. Tell all your friends, you'll make me happy!
Here's a diagram of what will happen if this blog gets even half a follower:

As you can probably tell, this is going to be a random mind dump for the gibbering creative madness which infests my head. Hopefully, since you're reading this far, we are best friends forever. And best friends read best friends blogs, don't they!? Basically what I'm trying to say is read and share this, or I'll set my dinosaurs on you. 

So anyway, I think what I was trying to say in this post before I got over excited and started drawing dinosaurs, was that my blog didn't get off to the best of starts... My two passwords required to confirm or whatever didn't match, this may seem like nothing to an ordinary person, but you forget, I am no ordinary person.


Well that's all for today because I am thoroughly drained of inspiration and if I carry on blogging I'll just end up drawing a post of dinosaurs, which I promise I will do one day, just not tonight, it's late and if I draw much more in one sitting my dinosaurs will look like this:
Anyway, good night new best friend. Come back or I'll be sad. And you won't like me when I'm sad.